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Watchity’s Cut & Share, the new feature that allows you to easily distribute the best of your video contents.

When talking about streaming live videos on social networks, new narratives for advertising, and successful engagement with the audience, one of the best examples is the NBA on Twitter. During the 2018-2019 season, the NBA account posted video highlights of the broadcast that exceeded 30,000 visits, and during the finals, these highlights got tweeted 55.000 times per minute.

This is a method called Cut & Share

Watchity’s Cut and Share: distribute the best moments of your videos

SnappyTV was a TV clipping service bought by Twitter in 2014 (shut down in 2019) that allowed different media companies to cut and edit videos online in real time, in order to share them on different social networks.  This is a process called Cut & Share, and the NBA applied it during all its games, instantly sharing the best plays and most exciting moments, achieving a huge audience engagement, as Twitter is one of the favorite places for sports fans around the world.

How to Cut & Share videos online

Watchity not only offers the possibility of broadcasting live video, but now also has the Cut & Share feature. Media broadcasters or digital content makers who want to share content immediately on social media, can crop videos online and distribute them directly from the cloud, without the need of additional software.

The NBA is going to continue with this system for the 2019-2020 season, and plans to make it even bigger: they want to broadcast a single player camera feed with different shots, only on Twitter, starting during the second half of the game, which will be chosen by online voting on social media. This kind of new format, for videos or sports broadcasting, are easy to achieve with Watchity, not only because of its cloud-based system, but also because of its feature to collect user-generated content from several mobiles phones, and broadcasting them in multi-camera mode.

56% of audiovisual content lasts less than 2 minutes

This Cut & Share system is perfect to attract younger audiences. Young people consume lots of contents all day long through their mobile phones, especially short videos, while they get farther away from any paid TV content. According to a 2017 Vidyard study, 56% of audiovisual content lasts less than 2 minutes. In the NBA case, it was the perfect scenario to engage with these audiences.      

If you are working on a project that could benefit with the Watchity platform, do not hesitate and send us a message or request a free demo to take advantage of, creating, producing, editing and distributing audiovisual contents directly from the cloud




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