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We are pleased to announce that Watchity, for the third consecutive year, has been chosen by the Streaming Media European Edition magazine to be part of the 101 most important, interesting and influential European online video companies of the year 2019.

Although many of the companies chosen are from Europe, it does not mean that they are limited to operating here, but that the majority are already having a considerable impact outside the continent.

It should be noted that it is not easy to stay on this list year over year, since the video streaming industry in Europe is very dynamic. In fact, more than two dozen of the companies are new, that is, they were not chosen in previous editions.

Watchity remains an innovative platform in this sector, as it is constantly incorporating new features to help its users produce, manage and distribute live video in professional quality for their audiences, such as the cloud mixer, already adapted to the capabilities of the new 5G networks, or the live clipping, which allows you to obtain video clips immediately from a live source to share them on social networks with just one click.

Being part of this selection with companies such as Google, Amazon or Akamai helps us to continue evolving and growing in this direction.

You can check the complete list of the 101 companies here.




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