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We at Watchity have been following the evolution of the remote production market for a while and have realized that cloud editing and live production platforms are starting to gain market presence in recent times.

Remote production is one of the most important technological advances in the broadcast technology market. Its advantages extend beyond the reduction of the number of employees who travel to cover an event, the savings in mobile units vans or the reduction of CO2. It involves a paradigm shift in which content is produced profitably, with agile and flexible workflows that allow multiple projects to be developed simultaneously with team members working from any location (including at home).

This situation has accelerated due to the COVID-19 health crisis. What until just a few weeks ago was a project for broadcasters and producers to tackle in the coming months (and even years), has become now an urgent need that must be solved overnight.

For this reason, we at Watchity we have decided to join forces with our friends at EBANTIC and Konodrac to launch a new end-to-end live production solution aimed at the broadcast market and 100% for remote environtments.

AdvancedTvRemoteProduction is a cloud platform that incorporates the functionality of Watchity’s Cloud Production Control, including the video / audio mixer, graphics olverlays, video playout, etc., as well as the possibility of receiving and mixing up to 6 IP signals comming from sources such as mobile phones , professional cameras or RTMP encoders. All 100% in web access. This way, the live broadcast of a TV show can be carried out from anywhere and without the need for traditional technical infrastructure.

AdvancedTvRemoteProduction also incorporates Konodrac’s Data Intelligence Layer to reflect audience participation in the event. It offers real-time quantitative and qualitative data about the audience and allows “call-to-action” voting to be launched on the SmartTVs of viewers to find out their interests and reactions. This participation is reflected by graphics or video and audio effects to be incorporated into the program output.

Finally, the solution provides EBANTIC’s powerful specialized Media Integration Layer that ensures interoperability with traditional production, transformation, continuity and archiving systems.

In addition, it incorporates content distribution tools for both social networks and VOD platforms, adapting video formats and metadata to the requirements of each of the destinations.

Jordi Gilabert, Albert Rodes and Carles Rams are the architects of AdvancedTvRemoteProduction and launch this platform in the face of the need detected in many companies for 100% Cloud video production and in a SaaS model: “We believe that the demand of the audiovisual industry
It is rapidly evolving to this type of solutions, so our mission is clear: to offer to the industry the necessary tools to manage and monetize the content creation and distribution business without the need for infrastructure or large investments in licenses. ”

More information at: www.advancedtvremoteproduction.com




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