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Product updateLast September we updated our platform. We have improved some of our tools to make video production, editing and distribution with Watchity even easier. What’s new? Keep reading!

‘Live Distribution’: the best of ‘Restream’ and ‘Transcoder’ in a single new type of Live Broadcast

Product update - Live Distribution type

We present you ‘Live Distribution’, a new modality that unifies ‘Transcoder’ and ‘Restream’. After listening to your suggestions, we have simplified the process of distribution of live video streams.

A new tool and interface have been created to receive and redirect live feeds in a simple way to web pages, social networks (API) and custom RTMP destinations. Also, if you wish, you can modify the resolution, bitrate and framerate parameters.

Do you want more info about this functionality? Access here.

New Cut&Share possibilities! make cuts from Original Videos

Product update - Cuts from Original Videos

As you know, in the configuration of each Live Broadcast, there is a section called ‘Original videos’. There you’ll find a video file for each of the contributions of the live broadcast, as well as the output of the production.

After this update, you can make a cut from the original video corresponding to the production made. Did you miss anything while you were broadcasting live? Don’t worry, recover the file, cut it and share it.

Visit our support center if you need a little bit of help.

Folders in the Media Library! Find your content more easily

Product update - Folders in the Media Library

The new functionalities allow you to create much more content than before. In your Media Library, there is no longer just uploaded images and videos. Now you can also find the cuts made with the Cut&Share or the recordings ingested thanks to the Ingest function of the Watchity App.

That is why we have created a system of folders in the Media Library. Find your content easily! Find out more information about the organization system and searching filters in this support center article.




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