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'Live Distribution'Welcome to Watchity, ‘Live Distribution’!

From now on, when creating a Live Broadcast in Watchity, you will have three options. Make simple productions using a single mobile phone with the ‘Streamer’, add graphics, launch videos or perform plane camera changes with the ‘Production’, or redirect content received to multiple destinations through the new ‘Live Distribution’.

What is it?

‘Live Distribution’ allows you to receive live video sources using the Watchity Control Room and simultaneously distribute them to web pages (your own player and/or a customizable Watchity player), social networks (API) and custom RTMP destinations.


How does the new tool work?

The Watchity Control Room is a tool that will allow you to monitor and manage the video streams captured through this new type of Live Broadcast.

Through the Control Room you can, among others, start or pause the distribution of video streams to multiple destinations, or modify the resolution, framerate and bitrate parameters of these streams.


Do you need some help?

Visit our support center and check out the articles on this new modality of Live Broadcast.




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